ATTENTION Homeowners!



                      Next Meeting: Wednesday, July 18th, 6:00pm at the ***Boardwalk Condos Clubhouse***





                                        - Remember, ALL exterior architectural changes need board APPROVAL. Thank you.                            

                                - Effective 1/12/12, the association's master insurance policy has a deductible of $10,000.

                                - Common Violations, one page document is here. Please make sure renters have this.

                                - We now have TWO commingled recycle bins. One next to the mailboxes and one at the NW corner of the property.

                                   It's the bin on the left. No glass please.














-     Garbage bin enclosures - new wood and gates repainted

-     Parking lines repainted

-     Sidewalk trip hazard reduction

-     New pool and spa tiles

-     Spa replastered

-     New light sensors improving common area lighting times

-     New lights on the garages, greatly improving brightness in the parking areas    

-     New plants up at the front entrance        

-     Koolgrips (hand rail covers) installed out at the pool

-     Planting project : adding plants to bare areas in the complex

-     Brighter, energy efficient bulbs around the complex




-  The Knox Road entrance address is: 819 W Knox Rd.

-  Garbage is picked up on Tuesday and Friday. The garbage doors will be opened in the AM for Waste Management.

-  The landscapers work on Friday.

Click here to learn more about Termites and Mirage Park.


-  What do my association dues pay?

    Based on the 2010 budget, the Top 5 making up 90% of the expenditures:

      1. 38% Utilities (water, sewer, garbage, electric, gas)

      2. 22% Landscaping (landscape contract, trimming, irrigation repairs)

      3. 11% Common Area Maintenance (pest control, exterior repair, lights, and on site personnel)

      4. 11% General and Administrative (Management, Federal/State taxes)

      5.  8%  Insurance coverages

      If you ever think your dues are high, do some research on other condo complexes. Many will have higher dues and

      the owner still needs to pay a water and sewer bill.


      According to the Arizona Republic (4/4/2010), for the city of Chandler, the average bills are as follows:

      Garbage:  $15.07 per month

      Water:       $32.56 per month

      Sewer:      $19.97 per month





Dog ownersPlease pick up the dog waste. Itís the law and a health concern.

                       Limit your dogs barking.


At the Pool:   NO GLASS IN THE POOL AREA! It's a Maricopa County violation.

                       Chairs must also be 4 feet back from the pool.

                       Please put your chairs back in place after moving.


Parking:         Parking is only allowed in designated parking areas. Areas deemed fire lanes are there for a reason.

                       Respect those designated areas. On the east side of the complex, people have parked temporarily in spots

                       that block entry and exit into carport spaces and garages. People need room to swing in and out of spaces.

                       Reliable Towing is our new towing company. Illegally parked and non-registered vehicles can be towed. Please,

                       let's be considerate to all the residents, and there will be no issues.


Doors:           Remember, if your installing a new security/storm door, you need to submit an architectural request form.

                      Doors need to be a beige/brown color that is similar to the trim or building color.

                      If you have a light colored door, please have it painted.

                      People have also been putting up the pull-down sunshades. Those also need to be

                      a beige/brown color. Make sure you submit your request, get the right color, and there will be no issues.

                      If we follow the homeowner supported CC&R Rules, everyone is happy and we keep Mirage Park a beautiful place.


Driveway:     Please don't litter the driveways or common areas. Throw out any trash from your cars into the trash bins.

                     No one likes looking at trash laying around the complex. Fines will result.










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